Um, there's supposed to be distance between the Watts link bellcrank and the crossbrace. We'll have to cut the Watts/Coilover cradle out (this is why we only tacked it in), and make a new one. The Mustang's frame rails diverge a bit, so this was apparently a 1/4" too narrow or something, or my frame rails are a quarter inch too wide. Also, apparently my coilover brackets are backwards. It might be ok, as long as the coilover clears everything.

  1. Lastly, I don't have pics of it because I wasn't thinking, the axle is too wide. I should have listened, but now the edge of the tread is even with the outside of the fender lip. There are three solutions at the moment: Flare/roll the fenders. Because my fenders are probably 50% bondo by weight, that might not be a good idea.
  2. Use late-model Mustang wheels. We have some in the shop with tires, but they're for a 2009 Mustang, and they're the, IMO, ugly split 5 spokes from 2005. I'll also need spacers in the front because of the massive offset, and we'll likely still need to roll the front fenders. 235 section tires don't fit particularly well under 65 Mustang sheet metal in the front.
  3. Put narrower axle shafts in the housing. This is the preferable option, in part because it requires ditching those shitty OE Ford calipers and putting in some Wilwoods. Sure, it's a pricier option, but then I get to keep my wheels, not roll the fenders to the point of shattering bondo, AND I get an awesome set of brakes, to boot! I think it's a worthwhile upgrade.


Also, don't these control arms look awesome!? They should be in the top hole for a street car, but we're just trying to get things to fit at the moment, not drive.

Edit: Forgot to mention that I did have to cut a hole in my trunk to clear the Watts cradle. It also gave me an opportunity to rid myself of some rust: