USB power for my 4Runner is half done. The panel and wiring are mostly in place. Lots of little things to do yet.


The fuse block and breaker are in. The USB ports are very expensive Blue Sea 1039 4.8A that mostly plug straight into Toyota switch bays. As the last picture shows, they are a bit big but they work. Most importantly, though, is that they have full power output from both ports, unlike many cheaper units that do 2.1A + 1A on the second port..

I need to get better power cable connectors (the 4 AWG wire I bought probably isn’t really 4 AWG) and get an add-a-fuse to power the relays for the ports.


And the bracket I built from 26-gauge steel needs some reinforcement, it’s a bit floppy.

But I feel a great sense of accomplishment at having started a project that didn’t end in disaster for once!