Here is my new $500 project car. Shall we take a look?

This thing is big! I’m pretty sure it rivals the ‘64 pickup lengthwise. A pleasant surprise by the light of day, there is less rot visible than i remembered.


The passenger side is the worst, with the quarter being most rotted. However all the rot I’ve found is on flat areas that will be easy to cut out and weld in patches.


The blue velour interior is in good shape, except for some badly dried out plastic pieces in the rear. It smells of old cigarettes and cheap air freshener, so it will need some deep cleaning. I also need to scrub the steering wheel so it isn’t sticky.


“Find one in every car. You’ll see.”


Wheels are in decent shape. I hope to sell these for enough to fund replacement wheels & tires that are more rugged looking.


The rear hatch handle is broken, and the mechanism seems stuck. The seller got it open when i looked at it but not easily. There is a similar wagon at a local junkyard, so hopefully i can get the piece i need.


Now to the meat of it. The engine will start and run with a good battery, but the alternator is dead. It also has an electrical drain that ahe said will kill the battery overnight.

So the plan is:

Replace the battery & alternator.

Find and fix the electrical issue.

Scrub the interior.

Fix the rust.

Get it registered and do some shakedown drives as it has been sitting for a year.


Look for compatible springs that will raise it 1-2" and firm up the ride w/o going full dump truck.

Get better wheels with all-terrain tires & sell current wheels.

Weld up new bumpers out of plate steel with integrated light protectors.



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