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Project IceBox is Probably Totaled

Well guys, looks like our 08 Jeep Commander (known as IceBox) is going to be totaled. Flat bed on the way to haul it to the collision center for review where I suspect they’ll say something along the lines of “Fuck, that things dead. No way am I fixing that.

My wife is fine (she was the one driving) I won’t get too far into the details on here, but here’s the truck. I’m pretty impressed it drove home honestly.


Shall we place bets on what the body shop quotes as the damage? I’m sure they’ll have to come up with a number to send to insurance before insurance will write it off.


I removed the running boards (about 6 months old Westin tube steps) and the trailer hitch/wiring (drawtite 3 months old) so I can try and sell those separate to recoup some more cash if they total it.

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