So my โ€˜69 Sprite came with a 1275cc inline 4 cylinder good for 65 hp and 72 lb-ft. Not very sporting, but fun enough for the time. That gave it a top speed of 95 mph and a 0-60 in 11.9 seconds.

Factory Fresh (not mine)

Now my engine is in pieces and honestly 7 years of project neglect and 3 moves I am afraid I have probably lost parts etc. Besides that I have been thinking of engine swaps that would fit the vehicle along the same toy car lines, but add pep and such without going crazy and my dream swap may be the reality I take to this vehicle. I want a F20C motor and accompanying transmission. For those of you not up to your engine codes, that is the engine and trans out of an S2000.

Throw on a custom plug cover and most people would never know


Plus the age would allow me to throw away all the smog goodies. I think this would be the best swap for a car that weights 1574 lbs.

That would mean a 2004 cc engine producing 237 hp and 153 lb-ft. Or power to weight ratio (horsepower:pounds)= 0.15057179161372


Not Mine

In a car this cute that power would make it much more usable in daily traffic and then I could take my time building a period correct race motor.


Update: Add ITBs and Longtubes


Repost for morning crowd

What do you all think?