Project is Still Alive (Mali Update)

I figured it was about time for a small update on the Mali. Its been hard to find time to work between the new job, the new deck, and live in general.. But there is progress!

Firewall is almost done. After a bad batch of putty that had to be scraped off I have the first coat down and ready to sand.


I also began putting some more patch panels into the car. With a little teaching from an actual welder I’m starting to get a little better.

Can you tell someone who knew what they were doing did that patch?

My patches are slowly getting better


Still a long way to go, I need a few more hours in every day to finish this up.

I also got a nice present from my BIL as he was cleaning out his storage shed.


A nice set of original 15x7 rally wheels. I will need to get some new trim rings and caps for them but a little paint and they will be good to go.

Hopefully next time I write a post it will be a little more detailed.

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