Project “Ninja From Hell” Is Kicking Off

After riding on the triple, my girlfriend and I both think she’s going to want to eventually ride her own. My ninja has been sitting, as I posted a few months ago wondering about getting it back together. Instead of selling, I’m selling the focus RS wheels I bought for my ST instead. That will be more than enough to buy most of what I’m purchasing to get it running and external beauty bits. A radiator, fan, thermal switch, thermostat, air filter, fuel filter, spark plugs, oil filter, plug washer, and battery are on their way. After that, I’m tearing into it. The plan is to test and install everything, clean the carbs, reinstall, resynch the carbs, and when I put it back together, keep it a naked bike with a single front headlight. If it’s all good, I’m going to register it and get some new rubber. Running quality will dictate if I rejet carbs and/or valve adjustment (I think the adjustment will happen regardless). Next year, front suspension service, brake service, new handlebars/grips, repainted tank and front fender, new seat, taillight, fender delete, and black powdercoated wheels will round out the changes. From then on, it will just be a perfect starter bike for her or a bike for me to tinker with.

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