Well, you know how a few weeks ago I floated around the idea of turning Tucker into a bit of an offroader? I wanted to make that idea a reality, but wanted to do it on a tight budget. After doing some price research and gathering a parts list, I finally drew up a three phase plan!

I know, I could just fully restore Tucker to factory condition and be done with him. But seeing as I plan on keeping Phil close to factory stock, maybe I should do something fun and unique with Tucker?


Phase I - Cosmetic and emergency parts.

In this stage, Tucker is going to get:

- Rally lights! :D I’m finally going to get rid of that ugly front license plate box like I’ve always wanted.
- Tow hitch spare tire carrier (with a spare, of course).
- A winch (if I can figure out how to make it work, still working on it).
- Roof rack? Not sure about if I want one yet or not.
- Maybe a jerry can and a tall antenna to compliment the look.


This phase should be completed around 2 weeks from today.

Phase 2 - All Terrain Rubbers.


- Getting all terrain tyres (I can’t find any offroad rubbers that will fit my wheels). They won’t be installed until Phase III if they can’t fit without the lift.

Phase 3 - Finishing the job. Lift!! 


This is in the third stage as it’s the most expensive parts...and for the meantime the smart can live as a rally car as some have used it for.

- Lift kit.
- Replace worn suspension parts.
- Alignment.
- Shaving the bumpers (if necessary).


I believe I can do this for under $1k using my connections and have it done before the summer is out too. This would be my first serious car project ever, so I’m excited!!!

The end result will look something like this, but with my own flair (this smart is lifted with about 10 inches of clearance. Mine would have about 11.5 inches):


Thoughts? Advice?

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