While my mechanic friend is working on the engine, transmission and suspension swap on my 1987 Peugeot 205 CTI I’m working on some of the electrics. Auto dimming mirror (just needs power) with rain sensor for auto wipers (not as easy).

Note: I know absolutely nothing about wiring :)

I just received a few goodies, as seen in this picture.

  • There’s the auto dimming mirror from an early Citroën C5 (2002?).
  • Too modern 3-wire rain sensor from that Citroën, but I’m not going to use that because it needs a computer.
  • Slightly older rain sensor, the direct predecessor of the one in the C5. This one has 8 wires and comes from a 1998-ish Peugeot 406 and needs a relay or two, but no computer. It fits snugly in the C5 mirror base, which I predicted was possible. The 406 seems to have the same base.
  • Peugeot 406 radio stalk. Probably not needed, but the seller had one for a few euros... Also, my daily driver is a 406 and doesn’t have this stalk fitted.
  • Peugeot 205 wiper motor. Don’t need it for my car, but it’s great for testing purposes and I only paid a whopping €4.
  • Peugeot 205 wiper stalk + multimeter, which I both owned already.

Still needed: relays and other wiring material.

I’ve got 2 wiring diagrams. One from a Peugeot 306 which uses the identical rain sensor as the 406, and one from a Peugeot 205 as that’s the target vehicle.


Simplified wiring diagram from a Peugeot 306
Peugeot 205 wiring

My plan consists of 3 steps. Step 1: recreate the 205 wiper wiring. Step 2: recreate 306 wiring with rain sensor. Step 3: Integrate both so I can switch between the standard 205 circuit (stock operation of the wipers) and the 306 circuit (rain sensing wipers)


Parts needed:

  • Relays, both for my 205 circuit and for my 306 circuit. Preferably with relay sockets for easy connection.
  • A 12V power supply. Will 3A do for a wiper motor?
  • Some transistors and whatnot.
  • A kit like below. Just so I can play around a bit


As a switch for the auto wipers I was thinking of using a wiper stalk from a hatchback, which has the possibility to switch on the rear wiper. My convertible has no rear wiper.

Target vehicle:

From the ad where I bought it from



Like I mentioned, I have very little experience with wiring, so any advice is welcome!