Project Slash Rallycross 2WD. (Update 2)

A lot has changed on my project since I first spoke about it.

It now has fresh street tires, new wheels, low CG chassis, esc mount, rear bumper and couple of stickers.


The low CG chassis made a world of difference in handling. Hard to believe one inch lower can change how a car handles. I was on stock tires when I tested it.

Even better handling on all four new street tires. JConcepts G-locs

I painted the rims silver with a copper beadlock. Tire glue kinda melted the silver paint into the glue. First time gluing tires.


The shocks sit good, I still need to limit the front shocks, but the wheel travel doesnt change much on concrete.


Nothing protected the rear of the car, so I put a RPM Slash 2wd rear bumper.

I have a variety pack of spur gears coming in so I can fine tune how fast I want the car to go.


First update:

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