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Project StormBroken it is.

Illustration for article titled Project StormBroken it is.

Stormcloud Gray is the final color choice, we can call this project StormBroken

The front rim is ordered, once that and the new handlebars get here I can look at getting the speedometer mounted better, something more fitting to the cafefighter look I’m going for. Clip ons are going below the top triple tree most likely, and as far inward as I can get them without smashing my hands on the tank.


Still need a switch control set for the left handlebar, mirrors, integrated headlight/turn signal combo, coolant overflow tank, brake lever, and front fender. Some of these things are more important than others, I wont need anything but the overflow tank and brake lever to actually ride, the rest is for those pesky laws and inspections people tell me about.

I’m trying to figure out how to get the sportbike tail to look more like a cafe tail cheaply, get an integrated taillight and tail tidy kit to get rid of the nasty rear, and relocate the license plate to somewhere less visible under the rear seat. Eventually, a new tank would be nice, but at $400 for a dented one, I’d rather just ride as is.

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