As some of you know, I have plans for my Civic, codenamed PTC. I strive to make it the most awesome little Civic in town. Not the fastest, not the loudest, but the one that subtly is more awesome.

Part of this plan includes making a leather interior. I already have Acura EL leather seats installed, and look pretty well in place.


Swap the existing rubbery wheel for a leather wheel (It is an EX with an Si name after all), and have a black+red theme around the car. Add an infotainment system that connects to the head unit, a Nexus 7 fits best in the double DIN from what I researched, and can connect wirelessly to a Wifi or bluetooth scantool and the head unit, (I may be able to salvage the existing bluetooth module in either car if they’re compatible), head unit will be moved down. Parts car has the head unit mod done already, and I’ll be using that piece.

Lack of pictures is due to horrible winter lighting and my potatocam not co-operating. So this Photoshop mockup made from a photo online should do. The interior on its own is almost spot on.

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