Project Touring Civic - Info

Hello folks.. I suppose I should get all my info about this build into one large post for future reference.

This should be updated weekly, or whenever something big comes up.

Car has no rust, and it will obviously stay that way, has some minor bodywork to be done otherwise to be in mint condition.


The idea is to make a higher trim Civic Si (SiR for my fellow maple slurpers), on the same level as the Acura EL, with heated seats and a sportier suspension.

Parts I’m using for this build as of right now are as follows:

EL front clip [parts car]

EL leather seats [installed] $80 (need to find Acura EL heated seats module for heated seats)

B18 + transmission from Integra GSR [in talks?] $1000-1500

Prelude or EL steering wheel [parts car]

TEIN coilovers [parts car]

Civic Si (SiR in Canada) wheels [removed for winter]

JDM style, or custom Honda emblem among those lines [on the drawing board?]

Sunroof deflector (yes, it actually helps a lot, and it looks cool) [on hold]*

Short shifter (because why not?)[on hold]*

Strut bar (Also, why not?) [on hold]*

Honda CR-V instrument cluster [parts car]

* Will be bought for $100

Parts car = $500

Dec 13th-15th, 2015:

Brought the car to get registered, E-tested and safety’ed, got window regulator fixed, Parts car is a hoot, EL rear seats are installed.


Parts car gets fluid changes so it’ll run a bit longer. It’s in great mechanical shape otherwise, and VTEC snaps sharply, as it should.

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