Been tossing around a billion things lately, working, fixing the Mazdurr and getting the VTAKs ready for the Hondurr, all while looking for another job. not fun.


made a plug for the VTEC port on the head, and proceeded to check the engine shop’s work, valve lash... etc

Also, the Mazda has transformed after a trip to the junkyard on $50 parts day. all features are already prewired, so its more than easy to upgrade. bought a clock, a new steering wheel, a stock radio, (aftermarket radio harness shorts out), older style tails, as well as other knick-knacks, and its now good as new.


Car is now rocking..



Shoddy paint, so of course the paint stripper had to come out. this stuff would flake off with a pressure washer even without it. now it proudly wears it on the tires. got some of the cheap lipstick off the grille I found on that haul, and it looks a bit better now.


Ive yet to see it break traction. been on full crank and steering at speeds higher than 30 miles and hour without a screech. not bad for a set of wheels a buddy had kicking around for 150 bucks!

Mazda needs a couple things to go until it can finally be legal. removing those bent 13" pizza cutters was a great start.

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