I figured a nice 150 mile drive would be a good way for me and the trailblazer to get acclimated. A mostly highway sprint to a nearby city and back today revealed a few issues, but nothing that I would consider a showstopper.

The lack of radio is continuing to bother me. I have ordered a new headunit, speakers, and installation kits as needed.

The oil pressure gauge damn near gave me a heart attack, as it said 0 at one point. I am going to be an optimist and say after ~40 miles I would have overheated or had engine failure, and that the gauge/sensor is bad (It’s a known issue.)

Fuel economy is either abysmal (11mpg) or the fuel gauge lives in some sort of fantasy land. I will refill the tank when I get to my usual fueling point, and compare. According to GPS, the speedometer is only ~3% fast. This seems odd, though possible, GM speedos are known to read high. Tires need to be balanced by a shop that has a roadforce machine, I think. They vibrate. Also needs a double check on the alignment. There is another clunk in the rear suspension I need to chase down. New wipers are needed...

Overall, actually, went pretty good! The truck is a little ‘floaty’ but that’s expected. Has LOTS of power, even with upsized tires, and has no problem when you give it the beans to pass.


Some fluid changes, correcting a few issues and I’m going to give it a little bit of offroad fun. Maybe try some of the easier trails over at Windrock offroad park. Get laughed at by Jeep guys who think they need 35+ to piddle around on gravel roads.