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Project TrailTroll Update #1

The trailtroll has a new, upgraded rear axle and 4.11 gears. Upon closer inspection, the 8.6 rear axle I liberated from a TrailBlazer SS already had 4.11s, and an eaton G80 locker. Instead of putting in the ARB, I went ahead and cleaned up the G80 because it’s so awes...

I almost said that with a straight face. yeah, f-that, I slapped the ARB in there. The old G80 is sitting on my bench and I’ll rebuild it, then sell it on ebay to some poor schmuck who wants one. Got a good gear pattern from the new diff on the first test fit. That never seems to happen to me.

The weenie little front diff needed new seals and the disconnect was bad, so installed a new disconnect, front CVs, and new seals along with the 4.11 gearset. Good pattern on the ~5th try.


While I would love to have gotten pictures, the axle and locker install were very messy work and no place for my Canon to hang about. Besides; the truck looks no different. This weekend new springs, struts, shocks, and front lift bits are going in. I am also going to rebuild the brake system. After taking a few measurements, I suspect that Trailblazer EXT (longer version) front bracket, and rotors will fit. So those have been ordered, along with more aggressive pads front and rear, along with rear rotors. More material to clamp. Also replacing the rubber brake lines all around and rebuilding the calipers front and back since I’m already up to my nuts in it.

I’ve also settled on 31.5 inch diameter tires for now. 265/70r17’s will put the gearing right about where I want it, and going much larger doesn’t add a whole lot without some ridiculous spacers or adapters to fit wider wheels.


Also the test drive revealed that the radio is shot. Like, super shot, all speakers blown. Anybody have a line on a CLEAN looking bluetooth radio? Single or double din doesnt matter. Just want something that doesnt look like an LED light show going on in my rig. If nothing comes up, i’ll put in a blank plate with a small amp and a bluetooth adapter. Just run off my phone and HAM/CB/GMRS radios (HAM dualbander gets weatherband!)

Up next are tires, lift, new headlights (them things wont polish clear!) and an interior carpet kit (under $200) because it looks like a bloodbath in the rear. Also fabricating the belly armor.

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