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Project Trollscort

In February i picked up a daily beater as to not drive the Fiesta as much. (being responsible and all). After having it for a few weeks as it was (What with its massive exhaust leak and lack of control arms endlinks) I got the great idea to go ahead and start project #Trollscort: An exercise in modification irony. Basically it’s going to be awful, but who cares. It brings a sense of satisfaction that you can’t get from a good (Decent) car.

Mod List is as follows

  • Interior Delete
  • Radio Delete
  • HVAC Delete
  • Flex Pipe Delete (Already done)
  • Chalkboard Hood and Trunklid
  • Stickers for horsepower
  • Chalkboard Hubcaps
  • Antenna Delete

Making a bad car worse is easily one of the most satisfying things in the world


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