Everything is fine.

Getting the engine ready for winter. A lack of time/money/desire has led to work being at a virtual standstill. I would kill myself if I let this engine fall apart over winter (I didn’t want this) so I am in the process of finally pulling the heads so I can hose the whole thing down with wd-40 so it doesnt rust, and bagging it up.

Piston wall report! Smooth as glass. That black band up top is my whole ring ridge, which shows just how bad the stock compression is.

Ignore leftover gasket crud and liquid. I might have sprayed too much WD. Also teeny amount of coolant.


Block has this really weird orange look on both surfaces. not rust, looks like paint? sealant? Idk.


A closer look at my manifold bolt problem. the plus side is that two of these go through the casting.

Taking a break right now, PS head is stuck on. Waiting for my dad to get home for an extra hand, my strength won’t move it.


So, to buy, I need three new pushrods and a flexplate. I don’t know if I want to send the block to be rebuilt next year, since I want to dump money into this toilet and I won’t be able to justify it my first year of work. A new car would be much better. I feel.... defeated. I made a bad purchase guys.

I won’t give up, but this is a bit out of my depth. Basically, work will continue (next spring). Don’t expect it done any time soon.

Too many options for rebuild. Slap it back together? New guts? New engine? For now, as a point of pride, I am going to attempt to put this thing back together with nothing but new gaskets/accessories. If it doesn’t run.... we will go from there.