Project Updates!

It’s been a minute, and I’ve missed posting! Life has been pretty crazy, but here’s some updates on the projects in the garage.

My DSM went down due to brakes. Additionally we need to get the fuel pump and rewire done. So, I took it upon myself to quit being a diva and get motivated again. I bought some ARP flywheel bolts to mount up my aluminum flywheel and Competition stage four clutch, as well as all of the components to do my timing belt.

The dual piston brake conversion pieces are in the garage, and I just need rotors and replacement rear calipers. Also, my equal length halfshaft conversion will be done when the transmission comes out for the clutch. So my fuel system will be done, brakes addressed, the single drive belt I have left (alternator) will be new, and the timing belt will be fresh with an OEM tensioner.


I’ve also got a 2G MAF connector and 2G MAF. It’s time to go wild.

Casey’s DSM

Super exciting news to report here! After much time, many nights freezing our asses off, and many wrenches thrown... it moves under its’ own power.

She was running super rich and kind of rough. It has DSMlink for ecu tuning and it was purchased preowned. I went through the settings and realized the tune was for a pretty good build, so I reset everything to stock. Uploaded a stock 2G fuel map and Lancer Evolution 8 timing map.

The TPS was WAY out of whack, so had to do tons of calculations and corrections. Eventually I got that working properly and set the base idle. Needless to say, this fresh built motor runs like a 4G63 should. The automatic transmission goes in and out of gear flawlessly and the car is moving.


The cool part? We got to hack up the front bumper and do a little paint work on it; this was necessary to fit the large front mounted intercooler. We were very geeky and excited for the final result. Enjoy!


So, one DSM is basically done minus putting a hood back on and basic touches. Another one is awaiting more work. Both cars will be kosher for this year’s race season and both cars will remain reliable. That much I can assure you!

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