Project weekend!

Despite the snow, the first track day for the year is only two weeks away. Oh god, there’s so much to do before then.

A friend has been kind enough to lend me some space in his garage over the weekend, so here’s what we plan to do Friday night and hopefully finish sometime Saturday:

  • Timing Belt replacement/new water pump
  • Install all new belts and hoses
  • Change engine oil/coolant/gear oil/diff fluid
  • Install new bleed nipples and bleed brakes
  • Mount Kirkey seat and one remaining harness eye bolt
  • Polish yellowed headlights
  • Repair cracked front lip (okay, just gluing the broken piece back on)
  • Paint the floors (carpets are stripped but it’s all different colors underneath)

I’ve been pretty sick this week, so hopefully I’ll be back up to 100% by the time we get started. The big meat & potatoes part of it is the timing belt and water pump. Even that shouldn’t be too bad, since I have the specialty tool kit designed specifically for that. The rest of the jobs should go fairly quickly, since we’ll have a cast of about 5 people helping out at various times. Three of those five have classic Minis! Including this one...


I was initially a little bit nervous that I might not have this work done in time to get the Mini out of storage (since they fight for a garage space), but the recent weather means the Mini is staying tucked away for a few more weeks. Then that becomes the center of attention...

Wish us luck!

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