Just ordered myself some black Microfiber suede and a small bit of red

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Image: Zora Vette (Corvette Forum)

The Momo wheel I have is leather, but since I bought it used it is worn and far more worn than I can repair. So I ordered a few yards of black microfiber suede to recover it with. Should add a bit more grip like it does on my sim wheel. Since it is synthetic it won’t have all the terrible features of real suede, but will still degrade over time. Though I don’t really care about that cause I can always recover it again. Also bought enough to recover the “headliner”/ impact pad that is on the targa top. It has sagged and touches your head when driving which not only feels like crap, but also looks like crap.

Another project added to the Vette. Which right now I am doing the bushings all around, front cover seals, brake pads (EBC Yellowstuff), possibly replace the front bumper, exhaust of some sort, and if I can find one for a good price a new trans because 2nd grinds and these are stupid expensive to repair.


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