gather ‘round gather ‘round.

MS Paint drawing courtesy of moi

Black one is more or less finalized, as far as concept art goes. If you haven’t guessed yet, it’s a pedal-powered ‘30s Indian lookalike. Welded tube frame, fabricated fenders and tank, spring saddle, working headlight, all that jazz. Not on 26ers either, I really want this to be a giant to get that old motorcycle feel, plus I’m 6’4” and in need of exercise so there’s no way this isn’t a good idea :D I call it “Project Leg Day”

For tires maybe Surly Black Floyds or some Fat Franks on really wide wheels if I can find them. Sadly I haven’t found any really wide (non-fat bike) rims for 29ers. Alas.

Idea deux!

I live in Poland so we have a lot of FSO Polonezes rusting in our junkyards. The older “Borewicz” and “Przejściówka” models are getting into classic territory but the Caros are still easy to find. What I do is chop the body into little bits and weld it back together (predicting a future where I’m kickass at welding) into a much sleeker shape, then take some wheels and tires from a Star or a Jelcz (both old Polish trucks) for a mean hot rod stance. Maybe a diesel swap so it could actually turn them a full revolution. Maybe some bosozoku exhaust pipes because why not. Definitely not a hoonmobile but it would look boss.


Of course none of these are realistic for the time being and I should really try and finish that boardtrack moped currently mock-upped in my bedroom...

...maybe someday...