Rice bucket is coming along! Picked up some Polk Audio components to Kickstart my mad-tyte sound system build. On the way is a custom sealed footwell enclosure for a ten inch subwoofer, the sub, a sexy two knob head unit, and new door cards. Because my car needs more weight. Pics below.

I know zero about car audio. But that didn’t stop drunk me from purchasing these Polk Db components... They any good? I’m not returning them because “learning lessons” and whatnot. The speakers will go in the stock location in the doors, with the tweeters either on the a-pillars or in the doors, above the speakers. Link: ://www.crutchfield.com/p_107DB6502/Polk-Audio-DB6502.html?tp=106&awkw=201489941305&awat=pla&awnw=g&awcr=102806233705&awdv=m&awug=9033277

New door cards! Mine were pretty nasty after years of water leaking in and staining the foam and leather. Went with all aluminum ones from Carbon Miata. Black cards, black speaker grill... So like this, but black.


Oh wait, I found a picture... The silver above is nice, but my interior is already flashy enough with red seats thankyouverymuch.

Headunit is a Retrosound Long Beach. I wanted something that didn’t look like it should be paired with neon and a bodykit, which is apparently what radio manufacturers think sound guys are into. I found some gorgeous McIntosh radios... And then I saw the prices. HAAAAAAAAA. The Retrosound was more than I wanted to spend, but AESTHETICS. And it’s apparently a fairly decent headunit..? Again, any experts feel free to chime in. Specs can be foundhere: ://www.crutchfield.com/S-vqE1cWW6pkt/p_068LONGBBC/RetroSound-Long-Beach-Long-Beach-BC-Black-Face-Chrome-Buttons.html


The buttons on mine are black, but otherwise just like the pic above. And here’s how it looks in Sharka, a very pretty Miata. Basically if if can get my radio looking half this good, I’ll be happy.


I’ll post about the sub and box when they arrive. It’s a pretty trick setup made by a car audio nerd who wanted to challenge himself to designing a hi-fi system for a Miata. Oh and still need to choose an amp. Or two, I guess? One for sub, one for components..?

I’ll sort that all out later. For now I’m enjoying having two matching seats for the first time in six months!