Day 14. Still have the q50, I’ve put over 2000 miles on it. Aside from the extreme loss of power anytime the ambient temperature rises above 90 the car is ok at best. Taking advantage and doing an impromptu trip to the NC Outer Banks in the morning for an overnight with the kids. For those who care the 3.0tt makes tons of power when cool it runs 13 lbs of boost and will light the tires up any chance you give it. Once you hit warmer weather the highest boost you see is 8lbs and it becomes sluggish. Once you get over 95 degrees it makes 4 lbs of boost at most and is slower than a base 20 year old honda civic. I would never in a thousand years put up with it. No check engine lights no warnings just pull out in front of traffic to find out you have no power.

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