In light of the results of the Oppo Census, here is my current inventory of vehicles.

A little background on me:

I live in Minneapolis. Commute 50 miles per day round trip for work and all of my family is 300 miles away in South Dakota. Due to this I drive 4 wheels around 20,000 miles a year. The motorcycle has averaged 7,500 miles per season over two seasons of riding.

1997 GMC Yukon SLT


It’s nothing special. I’ve convinced myself that as long as I have a motorcycle I want something that can tow a trailer easily in case I need to pull the bike somewhere (like a 6x12 enclosed trailer). Truthfully, I just like the idea of having something full size, body on frame, with 4x4 capabilities. It has 285/75/16's all around, which are 2 sizes up from stock. It is my current commuter (winter and not wanting to rack up miles on my other car) and has 150,000 miles.

2004 Crown Victoria


Had this for almost three years now. Bought it cheap from a dealer in South Dakota. It had 92,000 miles on it and in the time I’ve had it I’ve run it out to 130,000. Great car. Rides and drives nicely and has given me very little mechanical issues. Bought the Mustang wheels off Craigslist and otherwise have kept it just how I bought it. It’s an LX with the digital dash, leather, power seats, etc. My goal is to replace the Yukon with a pickup in a few years and use this as my commuter/long hauler.

2003 Honda VTX1800c


I’ve ridden motorcycles since I was 16. This is the 3rd one I’ve owned and by far the best. Picked this up in Milwaukee in March of 2014 using money I received when I was let go from my first corporate job. It already had custom bars, forward controls/footpegs, rear fender, air cleaner, and turn signals on it. Since purchase I have added a new windshield (the one it came with was too short for 6'4" me), tires F&R, a backrest/luggage rack, and seat.

I’ve probably spent the most time and money working on the bike over the past two years. It has needed clutch springs, a radiator, tires, a fuel controller, turn signals, and some other odds and ends that have added up along the way. It’s a way to escape from work and the daily grind; and also my first choice for exploring MN and the surrounding areas. I try to take it camping a couple of times a year. It’s also the focus of most of the pictures I take.


That rear fender was one of the big reasons why I bought this one. It completely changes the look of the bike vs stock.
Camping on the north shore of Lake Superior


The “campground” the music festival I went to in Nebraska.
Silver Creek Tunnel on Hwy 61, north of Duluth.


That’s my fleet as of right now. As much as I would like to change vehicles all the time this lineup will probably remain the same for the next few years.


2 Column mounted shifters

2 V8's

1 V-Twin

1 4x4

2 RWD (counting the bike)

1 >1000cc’s

1 >4.0L


Add them all up and they’re maybe worth $10,000, which is.....depressing.