Proof That I Show Up Sometimes (Photo Dump)

Having failed to make it to Exotics @ RTC for yet another failed PNW Oppo meetup last week, I thought I should show that I show up to shows (sometimes). It was a celebration of AMG’s 50th anniversary at a brewery. Here are some pictures.

First, I washed my car.


Then, I drove to Woodinville, which was a pleasant cruise on a nice day. There, I parked near some automotive cousins.

There were some cool things there.

CLK63 AMG Black Series:


E-class Brabus K8 (note that this one thankfully went without the 6 exhaust tips you sometimes see on these):


My kind of family hauler:


Big ol’ Weistec supercharger on the black E-class next door:


In conclusion, I will wash my car more often. Hopefully the beer will be better next time. I did see a McClaren P1 in my neighborhood on the way home and was so surprised I nearly missed my turn.

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