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It’s been a minute since I had a car with hood struts from the factory. I don’t do a ton of poking around under the hood so it’s not a make or break thing, but I had it on my want list to swap the hood prop out on the ND for struts.

Note I do not clean up washer fluid reservoir and I have no excuse for that

So over the weekend that is what I did! S/O to my uncle for letting me use his driveway and storing my tools while we do that whole apartment life thing.

I did at least wash the car after this though

This is the second round of Boring.Cars work with Phase 2 Motortrend. Super cool dudes over there with some pretty well made stuff! The floor mats, while still essentially new, are holding up well and the new stuff installed here feels pretty nice! They sent me the products shown here in exchange for a review and what not. Don’t want to mislead, but with that said I am extremely happy with the hood struts and would have paid for them outright.

They sent me the carbon hood dampers for my 2017 MX-5 RF . They have a couple options on their website, black or carbon. Additionally, there is an assortment of hood strut options for a lot of popular cars. Price point is pretty good and again, the service is fantastic.

Here begins a little how-to.
If you just want to see them installed, scroll down to the bottom


Not a whole lot needed to install these:
-12mm socket and wrench
-Slim flat head screwdriver
Optional to make things better: a small nail and scissors

You need to remove the bolts circled in green and red. The blue square is for the optional scissors.


Starting with the green circle, the included bracket has a piece of 3M tape that makes installing on the open hood 10x easier. Bolt back and tighten. That’s the easy side!

hey, look at that - I cleaned up a little before slapping the bracket on

Flipping to the red circle side, I found that installing the bracket, but leaving the bolt a little loose made negotiating the strut installation easier.

Bolt is not quite tight so there is a little room for movement from the bracket during the install

The flat head screw driver slips in behind this clamp on the head on the strut. It will put the claws inside the head out so you can slip it over the ball on the bracket. Start with the body of the strut going on the hood side.

There are small indentions in the socket piece to slip the screw driver in

Here is where things get a little...sketchy. Getting the clamp to open, pushing the strut in a bit, and popping it on the socket on the fender side of things proved difficult. So I took the head of the strut off (it just unscrews) and slid a small nail in to the clamp so that it would stay open while man handling the strut in to place.

I think this is one of those, it’s only stupid if it doesn’t work moments?

Don’t forget to tighten the bolt for the fender bracket. First one on!


You’ll notice that the strut is perfectly in line with where that blue square was from the earlier picture. This is optional as the rubber is soft and squished down with the strut coming down on it, however I think it’s a little cleaner to grab some scissors and trim off about a half inch or so.

Nice hand, I know

Repeat the same process for the other side and you’ve got working hood struts!


Last optional piece here, remove the OEM hood prop for uhhhhh weight savings? Or really, because it just looks a lot better.

The OEM prop takes a little fandangling, but twist it towards the back left corner of the engine bay and it should slide out.


And cleanly stays open on its own now! I am a very big fan.


Thank to P2M for sending me these! I am extremely happily with them. Easy to install and I appreciate the made to fit brackets. If you check out their site, you can see they have specific sets for each car they carry.

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