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Properly Fixed-Update with before photo


Here is the before photo, just after the initial accident. Yeah that was a bad day for me. A ruined cool old pickup and a citation for not paying attention to old shitty Volvo’s stopped in the middle of the road. About two weeks prior I had an entirely new exhaust system installed and was in the process of getting the clutch replaced. The truck was running so good I was looking forward to driving it a lot for hunting and other backwoods adventures. It actually 4x4's really well, it’s super small and has great clearance with a very robust 4wd system. 

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Photo: Me me me me me me

I channeled my inner red neck and got to work with a stump and come along. I got the bumper back out to nearly spec and the radiator support is within 1/2”. I need to remove the headlight to get the rest of the corner pulled out but it’s much better now than it was.

Burn baby burn disco inferno
Burn baby burn disco inferno
Photo: Joe Isuzu

Joe Isuzu

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