718 Collection

The 718 will have the convertible only Boxster-Line and the coupe only Cayman-Line. The 718 Collection will also include two branches, the manual only GT-Series (GT, GTS, GT-RS) and the PDK only Pro-Series (Pro, S, RS).


The separation of manual and PDK give owners a badge that let’s everyone know which transmission they chose. The GT-Series will have a more aggressive tuning while the Pro-Series will be slightly faster with a more comfort focused setup. Only 2-seaters and Turbo 4-cylinders only.

Boxster/Cayman GT (310hp)- $54,100
Boxster/Cayman Pro (310hp) - $57,400
B/C GTS (350hp) - $66,100
B/C S (350hp) - $69,400
B/C GT-RS (390hp) - $78,100
B/C RS (390hp) -$81,400
Boxster Spyder (410hp) - $87,100
Cayman GT4 (420hp) - $90,400

No AWD or Hybrid options available.


911 Collection

The next 911 will be slightly longer in order to increase usability of rear seats, just a few inches but still a longer vehicle to further separate it from the 718 Collection in terms of usability. The 911 will have two branches, the Carrera-Series and the GT-Series.


The Carrera-Series will go standard AWD and PDK while the GT-Series will be RWD only and manual only up until the GT3. The GT-Series will have the more aggressive suspension setup while the Carrera-Series will be quicker but with a more comfort focused setup. The Turbo models will receive hybrid motors and be called the Turbo-H. This way the Turbo name continues on, but since all 911s are turbos now, it makes sense that the batteries are the new bump up in performance. Turbo 6-cylinders only.

Carrera Series: Carrera, Carrera S, Carrera RS, Turbo-H, Turbo-H S,
Turbo-H RS
GT Series: GT, GTS, GT-RS, GT3, GT3-RS


GT (400hp) - $91,400 (Cabrio optional)
Carrera (420hp) - $94,600 (Cabrio & Targa optional)
GTS (440hp) - $105,400 (Cabrio optional)
Carrera S (460hp) - $108,600 (Cabrio &Targa optional)
GT-RS (480hp) - $121,400 (Coupe Only)
Carrera RS (500hp) - $124,600 (Cabrio & Targa optional)
GT3 (520hp) - $141,400 (Coupe only, PDK optional)
Turbo-H (560hp) - $152,600 (Cabrio optional)
GT3-RS (560hp) - $165,400 (Coupe only, PDK only)
Turbo-H S (600hp) - $177,600 (Cabrio optional)
Turbo-H RS (640hp) - $194,600 (Powered Spyder roof optional, loses rear seats for new top and Turbo V8)

Plus $12,000 for Cabriolet or Targa ($20,000 for Spyder)

Base prices are actually slightly cheaper than current models in order to leave even more room for customization.


The 911 Turbo-H RS will pretty much be a discount version of the 918 Spyder. This allows the next Porsche halo car to be more of a successor to the Carrera GT rather than the 918 Spyder.


Other Collections

The Macan-Collection, Cayenne-Collection, and Panamera-Collection will have the following trim set up:

Pro, S, RS, Turbo-H, and Turbo-H S

Standard AWD on all models, PDK only. Efficiency focused hybrid (rather than performance focused hybrid like the Turbo-H models) will be available as “Pro E-Hybrid and S E-Hybrid.”


The all electric Mission E-Collection will have the following levels:

Pro, S, and RS

Standard AWD and Auto only.