Proprietary Bose

As some of you know I bought an Audi A6 Avant. If you don’t then read those posts and see how much I love it.

This car came with Bose *oooooh aaaaah shiny* but 2004 Bose Symphony means that not only is it all proprietary bs electronics, but also they used fiber optics in the system which mean either tons of money to use aftermarket parts that are compatible or replace with factory parts.


Sadly a few teeth are corroded and broken off because of water damage. So I tried to see if I could remove and replace teeth to save the money f buying another and make the amp last a while longer. Sadly that is a no. The teeth are formed into the connector and all soldered on at the same time.

Oh well they aren’t too pricey on eBay, but still money I could have used on other things.


Bonus lunch pic



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