As many may know, I live in Brazil. I moved to São Paulo in 2010 and live here since then. It's a wonderful place and it's impossible not to be part of it. Enjoy what it has to offer and join its culture.

And also, as it was stated in many places around the world, all over the country (including tiny bit cities with no more than 2,000 inhabitants), protests are occurring against our government. And a big protest in our capital.

Most news agancies say people are protesting about increasing public transportation fares. Well, it started because of that.
But the violence of the police, disregard of the government and the FIFA Confederations Cup occurring in mildly modern (yet fresh new) stadiums, build with our tax money (costing twice or more what the Allianz Arena cost, while that is really awesome and ours showed failures after 1 event). And while our government is spending easily over 40 Billion to host a FIFA World Cup and the Olympics, our schools strive to stay open and hospitals are full and unequipped.

I did want to join some protest if I didn't have to study for finals. Anyway, there I was, studying while drinking Coffee around 10PM, my lady was also studying (woman in engineering!) when we heard drums and shouts. Yep. They were everywhere.

Here's what I could capture. And since the game of "Watch as a bunch of Brazilians walk on a very important ave while cars are trying to cross it" is very boring, let's play a game of "Let's identify that car" and "Guess the price of that car and figure out one of the 100 reasons why people are protesting":

On this last one @1:56 you can hear a douche in a Cayenne almost running over a bunch of people. And @2:49 a guy "Is it recording? Haddad (our mayor), you son of a bitch".