#Protip (and other random thoughts)

Hint: if you’re going so slowly on the interstate that you get passed by a Jeep with the windshield down, you should speed up a bit. Words of wisdom for the day.

Pic for your time. I took my favorite back-road route to Bloomington, IN yesterday to spend a couple of days in the area.

I was behind a Ram pickup yesterday with the letters in chrome on the tailgate. I was pleasantly surprised at how good it looked on a sunny day. A nice convex curve so the sky reflects in the top half, the ground in the bottom. Don’t know whether that’s factory or aftermarket, but it was clean and gets a thumbs up from me. (I’m assuming the curve prevents the sun from blinding anyone; if not, consider that approval revoked.)


I also found myself behind a semi with big flashing yellow lights; when I finally saw the side, it was a mobile connectivity tester. I assume the company sends trucks around the country and sells the data to the big providers. Would be interesting to see how the equipment works.

I’m hoping to get a chance to check out this manual Liberty while I’m in the area. I’m not enthusiastic about the Liberty in general, or this one in particular, but it’s a stick and it’s relatively cheap and finding a stick XJ has just been an exercise in frustration. Anyway, worth a test drive to see how the IFS world lives.

Finally, if you haven’t already, please check out my piece on the interesting guy I met on my road trip a couple of weeks ago. I wish I’d taken more time to ask better questions, and I wish I’d understood more tech to be able to ask better questions, but I think you’ll like it anyway.


Enjoy the heat. I know I am.

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