This picture shows just how far I had to disassemble the interior just so I could look at each the sides of the radio and then press down on the tabs while Pops slowly pulled out each side one at a time. Why? Because my cassette player stopped working and I pulled a potential replacement from what was not the worlds greatest car...but a Tribute.

As it turns, the Tribute’s cassette player is IN-OP and my current cassette still works, it just needed to be dusted off inside. Now to order a new mp3-cassette adapter from Amazon and I’ll be getting more miles out of my Miata’s half-decent Bose sound system instead of using my iPod earbuds.

By the way, Jake, this is what the back of your double-din looks like. The circular plug on the far right is obviously for the radio antenna and the large white connector is for our Bose sound system setup. That smaller white connector? It’s unused! I’ve heard of people tapping it with a computer plug to run AUX inputs but I’m eventually going with the AUXMOD method and running it with the connector that the mini-disc or cassette player current use.


But, while everything was apart, I went ahead with vacuuming-out the interior and ended up collecting a surprising amount of dust, dirt, and some fine gravel.


I also bent these fucking-annoying metal tabs that hold the radio in place. Hopefully I’ll be able to correctly use the proper Mazda double-din removal prongs to eject this radio in a more painless manner.

Also, I bought a second Nardi wooden 5-speed knob. It’s rougher than my pristine, new-in-the-box knob that I absolutely lucked-out on, but I actually want a more beater-friendly knob.


As expected, no two wooden knobs are alike! Mine pristine one has a silver pattern while this newest addition is more golden on top. I’m not sure if that’s due to sun fading or not!