Picked her up yesterday, couldn’t be happier.

Even briefly in hilly Sydney traffic it’s been a joy to drive. Perfect amount of power for me and the exhaust note is wonderful. It has new shocks and factory M springs. The ride is firm but rock solid.

The interior is classic 2000s German depression grey. I wasn’t ecstatic about it initially but in person it’s actually quite beautiful. The leather is immaculate. I may swap the trim with aluminum in the future and buy a leather ZHP shifter, but I like this too and it’s not a priority. The nav screen has a few clouds of lost pixels so it’ll need a new LCD eventually. It had a TV which stopped working after the switch from analogue to digital. That’s another thing I really want to restore.


The only urgent thing I need to do right now is replace the window regulators. The driver’s side window doesn’t seal when you shut the door and sometimes stops a bit lower and leaves a gap. I’m not looking forward to that.

The real fun starts on Monday when we get out of the city and into 1500km of empty country roads back home.