Providing Links for Photos/Information from Other Sites

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On Sunday, I published this article. I used several images from Car and Driver's review of the E63. I figured a standard parenthetical reference of (Specs and images via Car and Driver) would be sufficient.


I was contacted by a representative of Hearst publications, the parent company for Car and Driver, the gentleman was very nice but did request the following:

"We'd appreciate including a link to our review at the bottom of the post when using multiple photos. For a single shot, a simple mention is great."


I thought I would use this mistake as a learning opportunity to all of us who post on Oppo. I think the best course of action moving forward is whenever images or pieces of information are used from other sites and we are aware of the source, to provide a link back to the original source.

In the example of the photo used here a citation resembling this should work-

(Image via Speedhunters "Warrior Comes Out to Play")

Here is an example for providing text from another source-

According to a recent article in Automotive News, Mercedes Benz is selling more compact cars than BMW.


"Mercedes posted a 15 percent gain last month to 109,500 vehicles on a 32 percent surge for its compact cars. Sales at Audi rose 12 percent to 124,850 cars, while BMW advanced 9 percent to 117,200 vehicles. "

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