I went grocery shopping today and every other item seemed to be pumpkin spice flavored. Soda, candy, donuts as well as all the crap shown above (and probably hundreds more). I forget who said it, but some wise person once stated that (paraphrased) pumpkin pie is the best thing made with pumpkin and it loses its appeal about three seconds after the first bite. This year it seems like this flavor is more prominent than any time in recent memory. Does anyone actually like the taste of this stuff, or is it just tradition/rite of fall?

On a positive note, there are lots of seasonal things that are caramel apple flavor, and while I would be OK without the caramel part, I am happy that there are more apple flavored things out there. The Jolly Rancher Green Apple flavored pop tarts were amazing, and I don’t even care for pop tarts. There were some caramel apple donuts at the market, and like all donuts I’ve encountered in the last several months, I managed to abstain despite my desire to eat the entire box.


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