In looking at today’s NPOCP E30 320is and its accompanying sky-high price, I’m reminded, yet again, that prices for relatively simple, driver-focused, manual transmission cars are only really going up at this point. I mean, clearly not ALL fun manual cars are appreciating right now. But that 320is is asking forty-freaking-thousand dollars. Which immediately sets my mind to, “I bet I could get TWO of some other great car for that kind of money...”

photo: wikipedia


Sure enough, the E36 and E46 M3 are both inarguably great cars and yet they are still common enough and not-yet-old enough to be collector cars yet, for the most part. I think BOTH the E36 and E46 M3 are at a sweet spot right now, where you can get decent examples for around ~10-15k for the former and likely under 20k for the latter. Personally I don’t see these numbers coming down much. Maybe on the E46? But in the mean time countless more examples will be stanced to death or otherwise ruined or crashed. So here’s my PSA. GO AND BUY ONE NOW.

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