PSA check the pressure in your spare

My wife’s car picked up a screw in a tire. Fortunately it lost its pressure in our garage, so I had all tools for an easy swap to the spare . . . Including my air compressor. Which was needed because the 5 year old spare had 12 PSI instead of 60.

I know that this is a common user error, and I regularly manage the tires on the cars, and I still am lazy enough to have failed to maintain the spare.


Don’t be like me, folks.

[Update:] And . . . Plugged, and back on the car.


Glad that this happened two months before my office moves away from the cheap tire shop nearby. Although looking at the photo I realize that the guy did not use the correct jacking point for this car. And when I get home I’m going to check the torque on the lug nuts and the pressure in the tire. (Trust but verify)

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