Today‚Äôs edition of ‚Äúdispelling a common automotive misconception‚ÄĚ relates to one of the more polarizing vehicles produced, the Dodge Viper.

The commonly held misconception that we will be dispelling is the piece of information that many self-proclaimed auto enthusiasts like to share with others to show off their superior knowledge about a vehicle, that because of this ‚Äúfact,‚ÄĚ relegates the car to a second class, redneck supercar - the 8.0L V10 that lies beneath the long, curved hood, is from a truck.

This is categorically false. While Dodge was developing a V10 at the time with the intention of utilizing the superior torque in their truck line, this engine had nothing in common (aside from bore spacing) with the V10 Dodge was developing in conjunction with Lamborghini’s (whom Chrysler owned at the time) assistance with the cast aluminum block.

In fact, the exact opposite of the misconception is actually true when it comes to the V10 that appeared in later SRT10 Ram Trucks - the engine was taken from the Viper.

Straight from former SRT head and current FCA head of design, Ralph Gilles: