I mean, specifically in this case don’t bomb down the breakdown lane passing signs saying “No Breakdown Lane Usage”.

Traffic this morning was fine and I was making great time until the last three exits of my commute. One exit away and it is stop and go the last mile, took 20 minutes almost. Poor lady in the breakdown lane with her flashers on due to a flat. Cue the state trooper coming to check on her! Older gentleman just making sure she’s good.

He reenters traffic right in front of me (as opposed to the younger trooper who earlier bombed down the breakdown lane). Next thing you know, his lights go on and I see a Rogue (irony) coming down the breakdown lane in my passenger side mirror. Pulls over as soon as she passes the trooper, he pulls over, gets out while shaking his head, has a chat with her. Not even 5 minutes and maybe a quarter mile later some guy is speeding down the breakdown lane and trooper pulls out of traffic and bags him. Now, he’s heated cuz the guy 1) was speeding and 2) literally just pulled someone over. Trooper is gesturing down the road as if saying “did you not just see me doing this?!?!?” and the guy is probably not helping his case.

I got to my exit and didn’t get blindsided by someone in the breakdown lane.

So, yeah, don’t completely ignore the signs on the road. You can only plead ignorance to a point.