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PSA (Facebook Rant Warning)

It takes a lot to get me going, but with the way things have been on the book of faces recently, I have to say something.

Be excellent to each other. It’s not hard to understand. We do it so well here, but off the internet, many citizens of this earth don’t understand that.


The internet is a medium that brings out the worst in people. You see them all over your Facebook feed, taking a mile when given an inch. The voice of degeneration whose least offensive cry is “get back in the kitchen.” They label people as “bitches,” “fags,” and enough racial and other bigoted slurs to make you believe the earth has reversed rotation. What they don’t realize is that everyone they put down is facing an uphill battle, while the posters I’m talking about started at the summit and are throwing rocks at everyone. It’s time we all cut these people out like a cancer, and leave them miserable and alone. And if you dare to stand in the face of equality, you don’t deserve to walk this earth. Now please, if you think your life is hard, count your blessings. Chances are that you’re complaining about nothing.

Two very heavy yet quick cars for your time.

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