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PSA for video game playing Oppos

Rainbow six siege is $40 (for those on PC, the starter edition is a scam), all the DLC is free and can be purchased with in game currency (bit of a grind, but it’s not bad by any means) and there’s a new PvE mode coming in March.

Also it’s literally the best game every made, and for those of you who used to follow it, but haven’t recently. They’ve fixed 95% of the technical problems with it. They’ve done everything from overhauling the lighting, fixing hit reg (don’t belive the memes, those are just memes), to mitigating peekers advantage (although I guess that’s not so much a technical issue since you’ll have that in every online game, it was just much more noticeable and advantageous in siege.)


Also, accepting Lord Tachanka into your home will improve your health, make you happier, and improve working conditions for the proletariat in your area by 57%.

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