Hello Oppo. Well, since you guys are my favorite people, I just thought I would share this little gem I read on CBC North:

"The Yukon Government is considering changes to dissuade "extra-long-term" parking at the Erik Neilsen International Airport in Whitehorse.

Parking at the airport's lot costs $1.50 a day — the lowest airport parking fee in the country — and there's no limit to how long you can park....

....This winter officials counted more than 50 vehicles in the lot with expired plates or no plates at all — some even appear to be abandoned all together...."

Right. So, I bet if you were to roll up to the airport with a towtruck, flatbed, or trailer and ask "Kindly Erik Neilsen Airport Authority, will you give me the authority to dispose of this abandoned car?"....they would probably say "Yes, here's your letter"...and said car could thus be yours. I am not sure of the selection available, but I do note that there appears to 3 a three series and some type of Saab.


Also if anyone actually gets a free car out of this, you have to share the story with Oppo. Sharing is caring.

Update: I have sent an email to the territorial government asking how they plan to dispose of said vehicles!