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Chevy is throwing crazy discounts on the Bolt right now. Locally to me (which includes a $2500 state rebate) they are being leased for under $200 a month with $0 drive-off costs (yes, that includes doc fees, registration etc.).


The 2020 Bolt comes with 259 miles of range. The price noted is typically for base LT model with DCFC – but those with the option packages or the next level up Premier can be had for not that much more too. For a city car, commuter, or really anything short of a true roadtrip vehicle this is a crazy good deal.

I’ve been eyeing used Volt and the Clarity as a replacement for my Spark EV lease that I recently returned – but with these prices it’s almost too good to pass up so I’ll likely end up in one within the next few days. It’ll work just great as a commuter and family runaround car, and will put the ZHP back in the garage for weekend duty and for me to actually be able to get around to doing some work on it as I have been intending.

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