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PSA: How to make any Android screen "bigger".

Good afternoon Oppo! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

I’ve been tweaking my new Robin lately, prepping for the day I ditch VZW for good next month. I decided to keep it on a stock Rom. The Nextbit OS Rom is basically stock Android with a light skin and advanced cloud capability. Eh, it’s nothing impressive, but I’m happy that it’s basically a stock Rom without any bloatware!


What I don’t like is how big everything appears on screen. Even with the text size and item sizing settings on minimum, everything is gigantic. No more.

This morning, I decided to do a bit of a test on my Droid Mini. I turned on USB Debugging in Developer Options and opened up an ADB window (I use Minimal ADB and Fastboot)

In that window, I typed:

adb shell wm density 215

Hit Enter, then

adb reboot

Enter again for a reboot.

Here’s what it looked like before:


And now


It’s basically like a small sized phablet screen now.

Oh and here’s the Nova Launcher with the same 215 dpi as above.


Unfortunately, since this phone is running an old version of Android, it doesn’t have the capability to use the extra home screen space by default. However, web pages look amazing now.

Here was my old Nexus 6P running on 360 dpi.


And what a 6P normally looks like


Give it a try! You may love it!

Sorry, no screens of the Robin, I forgot to do that.

ETA: To clarify, this changes the entire phone’s UI, not just the home screen! :)

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