If you ever find yourself driving though the great state of Ohio, please take a minute and check out what we have to offer. Starting out in Cincinnati, we have the Newport Aquarium, which is probably one of the best in the nation. An hour down the road you have the Air Force Museum in Dayton. This is one of the main attractions in Ohio. I'm from Dayton, and I've been there too many times. You can even go inside a C-130 plane which is really cool. FREE ENTRY is always nice. Then if you go another hour down the road, you get to Columbus. This place is nice because it has one of the best selection of resturants and bars that are relatively inexpensive as well. We also have the Columbus Zoo which is coordinated by Jack Hanna which is nice. Yes Jack Hanna. Then you go 2.5 hours north and you get to Sandusky which has Six Flags, one of the best amusement parks in the world. Ohio isn't that bad. I promise.