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So, a few weeks ago I said I was dead,,that was after a tweet fight with mr. H.

Good, I won’t be back the j page, but that doesn’t mean I dislike the eds and commenters from sub blogs like Flight Club and BlackFlag, so you may see me around.


I’ve been called a dick by mr. H after sharing a true story of 2 times 3 years of Brand new Mazda ownership (2003 p5 and 2006 speed6) and one time volvo(2005 s40) for a total of 11 years of experience with those brands.

Of course, mr. H didn’t liked that, and his strong experience of only owning one old top gear beater for a few weeks led him to ban me and qualify me as a dick.

A dick.

I’ve never been a dick on Jalopnik, never, I fought against some memes for sure, but it was for the greater good. Telling kids to take their hard earned money to buy a a Maserati biturbo is not something to be proud of, and it’s almost criminal.


You may see me around on flight club or blackflag, or maybe oppo when my old friends will call me, but I’m afraid that if mr. H reads this, he will make sure I’ll never post again.

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