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PSA: Let's stop posting about Hennessey

You know who they sound like? Vector Aeromotive.

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Both built some cars. Both announced a new car that’s faster than anything else in the world at 300mph. Importantly, both haven’t built that car yet.

Yes, it looks cool in the renders. Yes, the spec sheet has big numbers. But until it happens that means nothing.


Koenigsegg don’t do it this way. They don’t talk, they do. There was no dick swingin’ press release about how a theoretical ‘egg is faster than a Chiron. Instead, they built a car, then went around proving they’re faster. Koenigsegg do it right, because announcing a huge number before you’ve hit it is only setting yourself up to fail - even if the car hits 290mph (still faster than any other road car).

I don’t doubt they can do it. Even if it’s not 300mph, I think they’ll make a great car. I like the Venom. But it’s our duty to withhold our congratulations until it happens.

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