This vacuum pump was manufactured in 2007 and has done minimal mileage (c. 10,000km) since being fitted, and look at the state of it. Not only has it popped it’s rivets, a plug has blown clean out and the foot of piston rod is absolutely shot.

Britpart are a fairly notorious manufacturer in the UK who build bits for most classic British brands, and their reputation is far less than stellar.

I just wanted to extend that reputation across the pond to make sure that any Oppos who come across a part for their British automobile that has the word Britpart anywhere on it, leave that part right where they found it and buy a genuine or other reputable aftermarket part instead, no matter what the cost, and especially if you’re importing it.


The manufacturing standards of this company are poor, I can’t even recommended their windscreen wipers. Been there, done that, never going back.