PSA: Miata is NOT always the answer

The four-lane highway in front of my son’s school was completely shut-down for 5 hours this morning because of a multiple-fatality accident. From the reports I’ve heard so far, the Miata came flying down the highway, lost control, crossed into on-coming traffic and collided head-on with an F150, causing collateral damage with multiple other vehicles. The driver of the Miata and F150 were both killed. Not sure what generation Miata it was though as it was completely under a tarp (found out it was a Miata from my buddy who’s a police officer).

I guess this message isn’t so much against the Miata as it is just against driving any car like an asshat on public roads. Maybe it’s my minimal maturity showing, but why the fuck do people still think it’s ok to do this kind of shit?


There’s one decent and one good road coarse within two hours of here. Keep that shit on that track. There are plenty of SCCA AutoX events going on throughout the year. I mean, at the very least go to an empty parking lot. If you’re drag racing at 1AM on a deserted road next to an abandoned warehouse, whatever, go for it. But for god’s sake don’t do that shit when there are other PLENTY of other people on the road trying to go to work / school. That F150 could have just has easily been my Ford Fusion or my wife’s Honda Odyssey, with any number of our kids in the car too.

Your actions don’t just affect you. They can change the lives of anyone around you, whether you mean to or not. Don’t be a selfish dick.


Update: Pic of what used to be the Miata.

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